DLive Sponsored Creative Destruction PC & Mobile Event!




  • StoneCrypto   

    Server will be North America on website

  • CateThe Gamer   

    The server Will be on america or what

  • Hamza Beta   

    plz give mi the diamond in creatif destrection

    mi name in the gamr is HamzaGbibar

  • Pierre Mathieu   

    Plz give me the diamond in creative destrution android
    My name:MATHIEU3 serveur med

  • mahdiboom18   

    dlive.tv/hassani flow

  • WinD   

    as I tweeted I will be participating and cannot wait to play :)


  • daniel   

    can i just to play 

  • Hamzah Sh   

    Hi my name in games HamzahX

  • Yungbleu83   

    I love Creative destruction creative destruction It's My Life that's like fortnite but I love it I love it better than fortnite

  • Blend Ymeri   

    What Server is North America , MED , US , AS ?


  • Bird Bolt   

    My name is TheChosenOne_1 in cd please give me some diamond please

  • ÍšầÝ Ramo   

    yquiero primero que todo darles las gracias a dios por estar leyendo estos comentario y por participar en este evento se les quiere primero que todo a mi dios  amen quien diga lo mismo


  • OMEGA Games   

    hi is north american Us server's or AS or LATAM server

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