So now that I have locked 1,000 lino, can someone please explain to me how this works-



  • bb24

    Best Regards.

  • Tidy   

    Hi RCRPRipley!

    I will do my best to explain how locked points work, if there is anything you are confused about, please let me know, either by responding here, or dropping into our Official Discord:

    Locked Points

    Every time somebody sends a tip / subscribes to ANY channel, a small portion of that tip (9.9%) gets taken and put into a pool...

    So every LEMON, ICE CREAM, DIAMOND, NINJAGHINI or sub... 9.9% of the value is taken and put to one side.

    At the end of every day, all those 9.9%'s get added up, and then are shared to everybody who has locked points. 

    The amount you receive will depend on how many points you have locked.

    So somebody has locked 5000 LINO, will get more than somebody who has locked 2000.

    This is what makes DLive & LINO really special.  As DLive grows and more tips are sent, the larger the daily pool gets -  meaning we all benefit from locking points as we receive a daily amount directly back into our accounts.

    How do I redeem my daily rewards?

    Log into your LINO wallet, and once logged in there will be a yellow banner saying how much your locked points have, and just click "Claim"..

    Simple as that!


    Kindest Regards




  • bb24   

    i wonder what will happen, if all lino points are locked by users ^^

  • RCRPRipley   

    Thanks Tidy, I just answered my daily question and having 1,000 locked down I got 2.99 lino,  I am hoping I did not make a mistake in locking in at 1,000 , sigh 

  • Wikkid MaxX   


    I take it you locked your first 1k LINO as soon as you got it. There is nothing wrong with that. If you were to wait until you gathered 5k Lino it wouldn't give you a higher percentage than if you locked 1k LINO five times. That being the case, it is better to lock LINO whenever you get 1k so that LINO can start earning for you.

  • WinD   

    Do not look at it as a mistake at all.

    The more lino you lock the larger LP bonus you will receive based on the previous day posts This is an investment into the LINO Blockchain and one that I have already seen paying off. I started locking low with around 1.5-2K locked just the way you did, I had received around 500 dollars in Lino which I now wish I had locked 350-400 dollars instead of just shooting it back to other users and getting a payout via PayPal around the Holidays to aid with Christmas Gifts.

    I currently have 23,000 Lino Locked (92.5 of my total current Lino) with 20K locked yesterday I received an LP bonus of 117.02129 - Today I expect to receive more as yesterday was a very active day and I had locked another 3,000 Lino - I am currently locking another 2,000 Lino to have a total of 25K Locked Lino as I post this.

    Let me know how your experience has gone since this initial post a month ago. How much Lino do you have locked now? Are you starting to gain a better understanding of Locking Lino and the benefits of the LP bonus for yourself individually and across the platform?

    Let me know when you have the time!

    I hope I was of aid!

    - dlive handle: aeWinD

  • Dex Vinyl   

    @RCRPRipley, i can only echo @aewind keep locking, locking 1000 will only be a good thing, the more you lock the more LP or "interest" you will get day by day

    I'm at 10k, and keep locking regularly


    Hope you're enjoying dLive, let us know your progress :D


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