Chapter I Concluded - #ApexOnDLive Challenge with $10,000 Worth of Prizes

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    DLive Team   

    Chapter I of #ApexOnDLive has concluded

    A big thank you to all the participants in our Apex Campaign. Until 7PM Feb 7, 2019 PST, we have gathered all the epic wins & the DLive Team will be distributing $10,000 worth of rewards tomorrow!

    Twitter Raffle is still running

    The Twitter Raffle will continue for another 6 days with a jackpot of $1,100, keep tweeting to get your entries in! <>

    Chapter II of #ApexOnDLive campaign will be released soon
    Congratulations to all the winners! Mission entries for the chapter I are now closed!

    66 Legends have qualified for the prize of Mission Legend
    18 Legends have qualified for the prize of Mission Champion
    1 Legend have qualified for the prize of Mission Impossible
    Chapter II of #ApexOnDLive campaign will be bigger, better, and badder


    Qualified winners will have posted to Twitter, Discord with relevant hashtags, screenshot, and/or stream replays.
    If any qualified winners would like their Apex Coins prize instead to be paid out in LINO Points, feel free to let the DLive team know. You can contact us on Discord or email to


    To Be Continued

  • WinD   

    Amazing I am pumped!

    I am READY.

  • Adil ESER   
    Good Luck!
  • SemihZP   

    Good Luck ! Buddies


    So i am guessing console streamers cant do this ?

  • Galexia Official   

    You got this WinD!

  • Seyfi Desing   

    Good Luck !

    Love dlive :)


  • Mizaktv Pubg   

    ben yayınını cektim harika bir oyun canli yayınında yapacam

    good game

  • DLive Team   

    🥇 Mission Impossible Winner

    • Zerg

    🥈 Mission Champion Winners

    • Tripeezy
    • FishyJD
    • Seisan
    • Greensock
    • Menotius
    • Laiier
    • Vero
    • KenionTV
    • Starlast
    • Yummly
    • Sleepinglotus
    • Hardrag
    • Asuna
    • Thorium
    • Lintenhinks

    🥉 Mission Legend Winners

    • Jinkirin
    • Realseb
    • Eatcoconuts
    • TheVs
    • Dachosenone
    • Lucid1p
    • Koac
    • Dabplays
    • Enigma
    • Hail2dakings
    • Flasheyx
    • Leve.exe
    • Eunity
    • Chromo
    • Thekuzu
    • Dmonteav
    • Stickyickytv
    • Folsom
    • Danbiohackingman
    • Proulette
    • MonzyGames
    • RoyKill
    • Kyra
    • Hartzy
    • Slaquie
    • Hozikman
    • Samowin
    • RussianEagle
    • Draven
  • WinD   

    Thanks for the update Dlive Team!

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