How does DLive feel about political content?


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  • Cheech   

    If it abides with the community guidelines you'll have no issues. If you have more questions and concerns contact a team member on Discord, don't hesitate we are available 24/7

  • Lethn   

    Sorry for the late response, was away from my desktop because of Christmas, that's good to hear, the problem is we've seen how sites like Patreon for example treat independent youtubers and so on when they're small and then now they've grown and made a lot of money they immediately screwed over people that they disagreed with politically despite the fact that they could barely find anything in the code of conduct to hit them with.

    Your terms of service does look nice and straightforward, I'm just worried that even if you guys are on the level now, you will either get infiltrated by hard left types who will inevitably clamp down on this platform and attack content creators who do not fall in line with their ideology.

    If you're wondering what I'm talking about, the issue is with situations like Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula, Pewdiepie and so on we've seen competitors pop up and they always end up caving in to social pressure from these stupid activists that won't leave people alone. The reality is that these activists have little to no influence beyond the media and when you ignore them nothing bad happens but companies are always afraid of getting attacked by them.

    I would really like to see some kind of guarantee from DLive perhaps written into your terms of service that you won't terminate anyone based on political disagreement.

  • n0ne0ther   

    I would echo this concern. We know how Patreon, Paypal and Mastercard are currently on an ideological stampede silencing anyone they disagree with politically.

  • Cheech   

    No worries Lethn, the holidays are a busy time for everybody and it's understandable.

    With the information on our Community Guidelines and ToS, you can see it's fair to everybody. We have one mission goal on DLive and that's to ensure the platform is for the community, by the community. Again, we are fair to everybody as long as the community environment is respected.

  • Lethn   

    I guess I can only try it out and see if you're true to your word, I'll be doing a stream today to try things out, I can understand if people want to moderate their own channels their own way that's fair enough because people have all sorts of personal limits to what kind of stuff they can cope with. I just don't want to see a situation where you have somebody who's butthurt going around reporting people for 'hate speech' and so on and taking away a streamers' income just because they had their feelings hurt and so on when what was said could hardly qualify as anything offensive.

    It happens way too often on places like Twitch and Youtube, I'd rather not see it happen here because your platform really does look amazing. Depending on how things work I may even go so far as to stream the odd protest event and so on I go to which I plan on doing if I earn enough.

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