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Introducing The DLive Verified Partner Program

Merhaba DLiver’lar,

I am excited to announce the DLive Verified Partner Program to the community. With the release of this program we will be resetting the Verified Badge on all users that have less than 100 followers. The reason behind this is, the verified badge was used initially to verify the identity of users. There were users that were trying to abuse the system and collect rewards on multiple accounts. Now that we have migrated to the Lino blockchain, this hasn’t been an issue due to the reward mechanisms being different.

Being a Verified Partner will no longer be just a badge. You will unlock features of the platform that will help you earn additional rewards. We have a lot of features planned for Verified Partners but the first 2 feature that will be released is paid subscriptions and hosting.

DLive Onaylı Partnerler'de Neler Arıyor?

  • DLive kanallarını büyütmek isteyen içerik üreticileri.
  • Aktif olarak DLive'ı tanıtan ve DLive'ın büyümesine katkıda bulunan içerik üreticileri.
  • Discord ve Fanbase'deki aktif topluluk üyeleri.
  • Community members who are good role models for our new and existing users. 
  • Participate or help promote events, campaigns and programs hosted by DLive.

With the launch of this program, we have set a follower requirement before you can apply. This requirement is subject to change as DLive grows.

  1. Content creators must meet the follower requirement set on the form.

Meeting the follower requirement does not mean that you will receive the status of Verified Partner. DLive, tüm başvurularda nihai kararı verme hakkını saklı tutar. DLive ayrıca Onaylı Partner durumunu herhangi bir kullanıcıdan silme ve minimum gereksinimleri herhangi bir zamanda güncelleme hakkını saklı tutar.
If you meet these requirements and are interested in becoming a Verified Partner, the form to apply can be found:
If you don’t meet these requirements yet. Make sure to check out the Creators Workshop topic for tips and tricks on how to improve your stream.
We look forward to growing DLive with the Verified Partners.

Charles Wayn

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