Welcome to DLive

Dear friends,

My name is Charles Wayn, the founder and CEO of DLive. On behalf of the DLive team, we welcome you to read this welcome letter so that you can better understand what DLive is, why we are building this platform that is different from other live streaming platforms and why you should join our amazing community.


The Mission of DLive

Most of us started creating or watching content on YouTube or Twitch. As content creators, we work hard to entertain and bring our ideas to life. We’ve contributed for years and witnessed traditional platforms grow from their infancies into billion-dollar companies. However, what have we received in return? Higher monetization bars, unfair content promotion, and fewer earnings because of increased platform fees.

The mission of DLive is to create a community-owned live streaming platform and empower creators and users through a revolutionary rewards system.

At DLive, we are changing the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through blockchain technology. The users of DLive should be the ones that are rewarded for their contributions as the platform grows. It doesn’t matter if you are a content creator or viewer, your contributions are valued. Unlike traditional platforms, DLive is not driven by profits, meaning, there are absolutely zero platform cuts. Instead, the economic system has been designed to revolutionize revenue distribution by rewarding the community for their contributions rather than a corporation.


With your help, we are changing the status quo of live streaming for both content creators and viewers, here is how.

DLive has, and will always have zero cuts.

When you stream on DLive, the platform doesn’t take any of your earnings, whether that’s a recurring subscription or a one-time gift, compared to traditional platforms that take roughly 50%. That is never going to change. 90.1% of each subscription and gift will go to your wallet directly, and 9.9% will go to a pool that rewards people with Locked LINO Points for their contributions to the network on a daily basis.

No cuts is a good starting point but it wasn’t enough for our content creators. That’s why we introduced the Content Bonus.

On top of what you have earned from gifts and subscriptions, you will receive a content bonus 7 days after your stream is completed. The bonus is based on the number and reputation of people who have donated to your stream, as well as how your stream ranks for overall contributions in comparison to other streams in the same period of time. Based on current data, 80% of all streamers earn a content bonus that is more than 50% of their gifting earnings.

If you are watching streams anyway, why not make some money?

Viewer engagement is essential to any content-sharing platform; however, traditional platforms have been ignoring viewers contributions while they are making tons of money from viewers’ engagement. Conversely, DLive, not only appreciates viewer involvement but also directly rewards viewers for watching, chatting, gifting and sharing content. Learn more about the Engagement Bonus here.

On top of everything mentioned above, you can gain access to additional functionalities by locking LINO Points and be rewarded for the contributions, every day.

If you lock your platform currency, LINO Points, you will be able to participate in guiding the direction of the platform such as product development and governance decisions, receive rewards for participation and unlock premium services on DLive. For instance, users who lock their LINO Points will be able to participate in daily questionnaires and vote on decisions relating to the network and receive rewards for their participation (paid out of the 9.9% of all daily gifts and paid subscriptions).

How is all this possible?

DLive is built on a test version of the Lino Blockchain, a decentralized autonomous content ecosystem, which creates new LINO Points daily. The amount of points is designed to be between 0.2 – 9.9% annually and is calculated based on network consumption. These points are then distributed to infrastructure service providers, application developers, like DLive, validators and the users who contribute to the network. This mechanism is the reason why DLive can sustainably give back to the users of the platform and focus on building a rewarding and engaging community, rather than being a profit-driven company.

Does all this sound good?

Well, this letter only scratches the surface of what DLive has to offer. The community that has developed on the platform is one of excitement, joy, belonging, and support. The team has put together a video to give you a glimpse of all that goes on inside the community, and to give you an idea of what it’s like on DLive.

We hope that you will be proud to call DLive your home. On DLive, we are growing together.

Best regards,


Charles Wayn
Founder & CEO of DLive