DLive Guardian Program

Due to internal arrangement, the DLive Guardian Program is currently put on hold. We will update again when the program resumes.

The DLive Guardian position is a great place to help guard the community, encourage positivity, and ensure DLive is the best live streaming community in the world, all while supporting the DLive team. The DLive Guardian team is also the first and foremost place we look toward when recruiting for new team members.

What is DLive looking for in Guardians?

DLive is looking for highly knowledgeable friendly DLive users who always go the extra mile when helping new and existing users on DLive. Guardians are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism whilst representing the DLive community and maintaining a community centric culture. Guardians understand how to be arbitrary and fair all within the confines of the DLive terms of service and community guidelines. Guardians drive the vision of the platform and work hard daily to navigate the community towards this vision.

What are the requirements to join DLive Guardian program?

The DLive Guardian role is a challenging, detailed, and voluntary position. If you are interested in the position, the requirements are listed below.

  • Be able to work with other guardians as a team
  • Have high knowledge of the DLive Platform
  • Have high knowledge of how Lino blockchain works
  • Have problem solving abilities
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have a medium level of computer literacy
  • Be helpful, responsible, friendly and approachable

How can you help DLive as a DLive Guardian?

  • Creating good clips from streamers on the platform
  • Visiting and curating new streamers on the DLive platform
  • Sending the DLive welcome letter to new streamers
  • Educating new and existing users about DLive and Lino
  • Explaining how the reward system works (i.e. Locked Points & Content Bonus)
  • Explaining how to improve content quality (i.e. adjust streaming software, set up alerts, give a tutorial on how to use DLive built-in features)
  • Planning events/campaigns/programs with the DLive team
  • Processing community event submissions regularly
  • Helping with the event execution if needed
  • Moderating live streams and videos according to the community guidelines
  • Moderating live chat rooms (when requested) and DLive discord according to community guidelines, and discord rules
  • Handling user reports and take actions on abusers and spammers according to community guidelines
  • Improving community guidelines along with the DLive team
  • Assisting DLive users on all DLive related Discords
  • Collecting feedbacks from the community and report to the DLive team

What are the benefits of being a DLive Guardian?

The Guardian role is one of the most important roles within the DLive community and comes with the following benefits:

  • A “DLive Guardian” badge within the DLive website and mobile apps
  • A “DLive Guardian” role within the DLive Discord
  • Listed on “Meet The Team” page on the DLive community hub
  • Access to new features on DLive before full release (when available)
  • Access to upload stickers to personal favorite library
  • Immune to all restrictions in all chatrooms within the DLive website and mobile apps
  • Free merch from the DLive merch store

Maintaining your DLive Guardian Role

To maintain your DLive Guardian role, you are expected to:

  • Maintain constant communication with the DLive Community and DLive team
  • Show up frequently in chat rooms and assist users when needed
  • Always put content creators first when moderating
  • Always discuss with other guardians before taking any action
  • Always remain professional and be responsible for your duties
  • Always update the DLive Guardian Workspace with Notes

How do I become a DLive Guardian?

If you are a community member that has met the requirements above, apply here.

Meeting the requirements does not mean that you will receive the status of DLive Guardian. DLive reserves the right to make the final decision on all applications. DLive also reserves the right to remove the DLive Guardian status from any user and update the minimum requirements at any time.

Last updated on Saturday, May 27th, 2023.