DLive Guardian Program

The DLive Guardian program is a voluntary role for strong members of the community who are helpful and knowledgeable about the DLive platform.

The role of the guardians is as follows

  • Helping other users on DLive.tv
  • Welcoming new users to the platform
  • Explaining how LINO / DLive works ie: locked points, content bonus
  • Friendly and Professional
  • Active in stream chatrooms & Discord
  • Terminating Streams that breach our Community Guidelines
  • Moderating DLive Discord
  • Handing the DLive Champion Quiz


Benefits of being a DLive Guardian

  • Unique Chat Badge in DLive.tv Chatrooms
  • Bypass Sub/Follow only mode in chat rooms
  • Special Guardian Role in Discord
  • First Access to new features on DLive
  • Upload Stickers to your own DLive account
  • Access to DLive Guardians Discord


If you are interested in applying to become a DLive Guardian, please visit: https://dlive.typeform.com/to/UC75vH