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Getting Started with 3 Easy Steps
(and a FAST TRACK to DLive Partnership program for Mixer Partners)

1. Sign up and set up your channel on DLive

Sign up is easy, just click on the button above to get started.

Edit your About section so your fans can easily identify you.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to setup your first stream.

2. Learn about exclusive features on DLive

We have tailored a welcome letter for you to understand what DLive is and how it works.

  • No requirement to monetize your content. Start monetizing your channel from Day 1.
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  • Treasure chest allows your viewers to support you for free by interacting with you more.
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  • BTT Staking – For the first time, content creators are able to earn from the growth of the platform.
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3. Join the community and GO LIVE

Now you know everything about DLive, it’s time to join our community to make some friends.
Join our Discord or follow our Twitter.

On top of everything mentioned above, we also have

  • DLive Guardian Program
  • DLive Partnership Program
  • Weekly community stream hosted by DLive team every Thursday
  • Monthly community events for you to participate in
  • Last but not least, you are automatically granted a direct line to our customer support from DLive dedicated Streamer Relations Team. You can find them on the Discord, and they are ready to help you with anything 24/7. (Unlike other platforms, this is NOT a benefit, this is fundamental of DLive since Day 1)

Introducing Fast Track to DLive Verified Partner For Mixer Partners

  1. Start your first stream on DLive
  2. Update your Mixer channel About section with a line of text Join me on DLive at <your-new-dlive-channel-URL>
  3. Write an email to partnership-fast-track@dlive.tv using the email address associated with your DLive account. In the email, include your name, your Mixer channel URL, and your DLive channel URL. Make sure the subject of the email is Fast Track – <your-dlive-username>
  4. We will review your application. If you are qualified, your DLive Verified Partnership status will be enabled immediately after approval!

* The Fast Track program is only available to Mixer Partners from now until July 21, 2020.
* All applicants are required to have an active partnership status on Mixer before July 21, 2020.
Learn more about our DLive Partnership Program