DLive is joining the Lino blockchain, moving away from Steem




  • Charles Wayn

    This is a tough decision. I hope every DLiver understand us.

  • Sebastien Quesnel

    It might be a tough decision but an exciting one! Change should never be associated with negativity, especially in tech you have to know when to make a tough call because the industry is always changing and if you don’t move with the current you’ll get swept under it.

    I’m extremely excited for this new opportunity, I feel it will give Dlive a breath of fresh air regarding long account setup times and other issues like majority stakeholders group upvote, bid bots and bad content making it to the trending.

    Good job Kent, looking forward to what you can bring to the table! Like I said when I met you in New York, Dlive will survive and conquer!

  • Jimmy

    Can't wait to see everyone on September 25th :D

  • Brendan Weinhold

    Heya! To receive the 100 Lino point bonus, does one need a verified account, or just signing up will do?

  • Charles Wayn

    All the accounts on DLive created prior to Sep 24th will automatically be issued with the bonus when you sign in to the new DLive on Sep 25th.

  • Rook81

    Exciting times! DLive is where I started so you know I'll be making the move with you guys and streaming on day one. Looking forward to some of the new features such as the start and stop broadcast! Thank you for providing a platform that so many of us call home.

  • Tinksytinbox

    Cool! I'm new to Dlive and only have a guest account because I couldn't get a steemit account no matter how many times I tried to sign up for one. It's great to hear that the new Dlive will have instant access.

  • Bluewice

    Ah okay, you get the bonus on 25th September when we do it now. :D I , I guess. I made an account on the new Dlive and subbed on Lino with email. I am in certain list...Hope it's enough. I almost got it xD

    I am afraid :D Dunno where to go^^


    Cheers, Bluewice!

  • Alin Cek Gue

    How work it @jimmy?
    We must create new account or using steemit account?

  • Ezequiel Altamirano

    Well, hello Lino! happy to read that the post willl last longer that 7 days.

  • Nick Davison

    This is great news, I totally agree with the reasons you stated for the move.

    Granting power to censor and control based on wealth is something that needs to be avoided in order to reward content based on its own merit and drive mass adoption.

    Steemit embraces the money  = power model, and cannot be considered decentralised since a handful of users hold the majority of vests. There is no true incentive for quality driven curation, since only posts made by users with large stakes ever provide decent curation returns.

    I have faith in the concept of Steemit, but I honestly don't see how Dan's "mission statement" could possibly be conceived through the current ecosystem. Furthermore, I struggle to see how the Steemit ship could have unwittingly veered so far off course on it's way to the stated destination of Utopia, that it ended up accidentally landing in the Isle of Ponzi instead.

    I am currently powering down my meagre SP holdings due to malicious flagging, and am looking forward to being able to earn from streaming again!


  • Jimmy

    Looking forward to seeing your stream Nick!

  • Jimmy

    Alin, when you log into DLive on September 25th you will be prompted to claim your Lino account. There is no need to create a new account. 

  • Brendan Weinhold

    Does it have to be a login ON September 25th, or just any day after.

  • Johnny Miller

    Hey Brendan,


    For the foreseeable future, any day after the migration you will be able to login and claim your account.

  • Chabir muhammad

    amazing content creator dlive lio blockchain present

  • Sampai Berita

    keren sekali join plafform new dlive lino blockchain

  • crypt0king

    finally, i was struggling with the steem ecosystem hopefully with the lino blockchain we see a real change something we waited for a time now.

  • Uli Herrmann

    Looks like best decision. 7-day reward has no future for quality content providers

    The "buy power" concept of steemit also sucks. No chance to get up without large investments or best-buddies having power.

  • Biddle

    Best of luck to you guys, but you really should have held out for Smart Media Tokens (6 months and counting for main net); Steemit's large user base in addition to the flexibility that SMTs will allow for solving the issues that you mention (such as cohorts/large holders upvoting themselves and each other) will leave Lino in the dust most likely (there's really not much different, having looked at the whitepaper - it's just another attempt at steemit with hopes it can do it better).  This looks like a 'pay off'/'buy out', no offense.  Did the team receive a lot of Lino? If so, how much?  Was it a public announcement? I, of course, believe in being paid well for a great product, which you have, but it's important to be transparent if you're going to preach decentralization to any degree (The D in DLive).


    Lino Tenets, all of which are already included in Steemit or very soon on their way:

    proof of transactions, thousands of transactions per second, native currency, infrastructure auction system (not much different than witness voting)

    Only 'proof of human engagement' and 'proof of content value' are things that have proven hard to implement (enter SMTs, Communities, and additional Monitoring DApps that are emerging), but Lino will do no better, I would wager.  According to then, so far, "On an advanced level, it functions as a decentralized version of Google reCAPTCHA."....so they essentially are doing a reCAPTCHA - nothing really advanced about that). Re' proof of content value', they point out "stake-based censorship, penalty scores, freeze periods, and consumption friction rates", on Steemit there are already spam bot downvoters, resource credits will help create penalties for spammers, etc.

    You'll have people who try to chase the 'next big coin'/jump on the bandwagon though of course.

    A good fact about Lino, I do have to agree, is ability to be rewarded after 7 days, but that is also on the roadmap for Steemit/will be manageable with SMTs.

    Just my two cents on the matter, admitting that I love Steemit.  I guess we'll see, but thanks for your contributions to the Blockchain Community/Movement as a whole and again, best of luck!  DLive is great! :)




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