Product Updates

Announcing DLive Beta


After a month of development and an alpha test, we are happy to bring DLive to the public and show you how to use it ( https://www.dlive.io ). We recommend Chrome as the test field.

What is DLive?

DLive is the first decentralized video live streaming platform on Steem! It can be seen as the Twitch on the Steem blockchain including, but not limited to, gaming contents. You can learn more through this link: https://steemit.com/dlive/@dlive/dlive-the-first-decentralized-live-streaming-platform-on-steem

Let’s start it!


We are using SteemConnect as our login tool because it makes STEEM login and key management much easier, and it’s officially run by @busy.org . Here’s the link: https://steemit.com/steemconnect/@busy.org/introducing-steemconnect-by-busy-identity-authentication-authorization-for-steem-blockchain-s-apps


  1. We recommend broadcasters use OBS as our encoder.
  2. Next, fill in the description information and upload a thumbnail image.
  3. Fill in the post information and press post button.


  4. OBS setting, fill in the setting information based on the information in the DLive Live Streaming page.

  5. Start broadcasting: press the “Start Streaming” button on the OBS, then press “Start“ button on the DLive page.

  6. You can view your live streaming in your profile or new posts.
  7. After the broadcast, you can press end to end the video section, and you can download it later.

Video Upload:

We are also supporting video upload on our websites. To upload, do the following:

  1. Click Upload
  2. Select a video less than 1 GB, fill out the post information, then press “Submit.”
  3. Post the video on Steemit.

Technical Implementation:

If you are interested in the implementation of DLive, you can learn more at this link:

Thank You and Follow Up

It has been an exciting month for us and we are very happy to have the community’s support.
A special thank you to all of the Alpha Testers:

@A1ronMan @ekushya @Hero333 @nuagnorab @PlanetAuto @teknow @bobdos @Simgirl @coffeenut @DeWallenBand @Flauwy @free999enigma @DenisKJ @globocop @BeekArt @sinned @IntuitiveJakob @MRJT @Ace @jmoriahVAVClub @Masterwriter @sinzzer @theaustrianguy @mgibson @Maximusmaximus @kevin44 @teamhumble @r0nd0n @RickNassar @skpjr001 @thesassysergio @shieha @sirlunchthehost @Huskyhunter @Techtek @Stuntworks @TerryBrock @vindy @Steemer @Vhailors @waiyee422 @alola

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback. You can comment the bugs you find in our feedback section in the DLive or Slack group. We are looking forward to serving you with better products.

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