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DLive Highlight Competition

Dear DLivers,

With the amazing launch of the DLive Clips feature (read more) we are pleased to announce a DLive Highlight competition that will run for the remainder of September!

Starting right now, the first 100 highlights that receive more than 100 likes on DLive 💛 and shared to social media with the hashtag #DLiveClips will win a 2,000 LINO prize!

  • 1 Ninjaghini (1000 LINO) to the Streamer
  • 1 Ninjaghini (1000 LINO) to the clip creator


  1. Must be highlights, not clips.
  2. Maximum 1 prize (1000 LINO) per DLive username
  3. Like manipulation will result in disqualification from the competition

How do I turn a clip into a highlight?

Adding Highlights to your channel to share your best moments in the past with your lovely community. All Highlights selected by streamers will be stored permanently.

  1. Visit: https://dlive.tv/s/clipmanage
  2. Locate the clip you wish to highlight in “Clip of Me” tab
  3. Click the ★
  4. This clip will now be marked as a Highlight for your channel


Happy clipping!

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