📚 DLive Knowledge Knockout 📚

Hi, DLivers!

Are you an EXPERT on all things DLive? Do you consider yourself a Ninja Master, skilled in the lore and details of your FAVORITE streaming platform? Put your DLive knowledge to the test and join us for our first ever


where you can win LEMON Prizes for answering quickly and correctly!


📆 Sunday, September 17th, 2023

⏰ 6pm GMT (2pm EST)

📍 DLive Discord Server: https://go.dlive.tv/discord


(Please don’t forget to join the 📕ㆍquiz-event channel in Discord where the quiz will run!)


Details and Rules:

  • The quiz will begin on September 17, 2023 2:00 PM EST
  • It will last around half an hour
  • It has a total prize pool of 8,000 Lemons. The prizes will be distributed to the top 10 participants with the highest points
  • The quiz consists of 25 questions
  • One question will be asked at a time and will last for ONE minute
  • Each question will be worth a minimum of 500 points and a maximum of 1000 points
  • The points are awarded based on how quickly you answer the question. The participants who answer a question first will get higher points compared to the rest.
  • After each question, the correct answer will be displayed for 10 seconds before the new question is asked
  • A leaderboard (containing the top 10 participants) will be displayed at the end



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