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It’s never crossed my mind to stream anywhere else…

Shared by CosMoKitty

Hey it’s Cosmo here!

My name is Nicole and I’ve actually been streaming since June 2017, (former twitch streamer). I was on that platform for 2 years, with VERY little growth. Now here’s the deal, I loved the handful of people that came to my stream but I wanted more, a much bigger community. Twitch couldn’t give me that. One day a good friend of mine EnforcerJ actually told me about DLive and at first I wasn’t too keen of making that jump.

A month later I finally thought ah why not? And listen, anybody that’s reading this and streams on another platform and isn’t too pleased with their journey so far and wants rapid growth MAKE THE JUMP! You’re crazy!

The staff, viewers, streamers, guardians, the man upstairs Charles Wayn, you’ll love it here. The amount of support and love is just so amazing. I’ve only been on DLive since July 2019 and I’ve doubled the amount of my community. To this day, it’s never crossed my mind to stream anywhere else.

Take that dive into DLive, stream here for a week and get the feel of this place. Very welcoming and I can promise you’ll enjoy yourself here, expect to get those warm welcomes from everyone! I’m literally ecstatic to start my stream everyday knowing people are waiting for the daily pick me up, literally you guys say I make your day… but here’s the deal you make MINE.

We’re here for each other and I’m just super happy to be on this platform. ( I seriously can’t wait for my Cosmo’s to read this, you’re the reason I get to make this COMMUNITY STORY, I love you.)

Onto getting to know me โ€ฆ I am a cosplayer, and have been doing this for TWO years! I have over 60 costumes, the collection will never end. We have themed months/weeks/days and I incorporate them into most of my streams! I also go to conventions all the time, and I take YOU with me! Now eventually I’ll be (attempting) to make my own costumes soon on stream! I have a huge variety of things I do for streams, such as :

  • Games
  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Painting
  • Chatting
  • IRL
  • and most importantly listening to Kpop ( I couldn’t possibly leave this out. )

So to tie this up, I want to thank DLive and my community for everything so far, we’re just getting started and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us within the next year. This is my new home and I don’t see myself leaving it <3.

Much love, Cosmo.