DLive.tv/Esports is launching. First match 11AM PDT Oct. 6th!




  • Jimmy   


  • Rook81   

    Oh yeah, I can't wait to watch this.

  • Jimmy   

    Johnny will carry me to a W.

  • akcakocagaming   

    I can't wait to watch this. Will be good games

  • Datilla   

    Knock knock! Who is there? OH JIMMY'S and MILLER's BULLETS.... Im so excited right now i cant wait to watch this awesome tournament. I dont know the opposing team but i just know something, DLive has REDJEPI they DONT!

  • Cheech   

    Get excited everybody, we are also giving away some ninjaghinis!

  • DLive Jynxie   

    Super excited to watch!!!!

  • Robsteady   

    The link in the header of the post itself is incorrect, it's point to dive.tv, which coincidentally is another site.

  • Jimmy   

    Good catch Rob! We'll fix that

  • Metin Redjepi   

    Fixed Robsteady

  • Defango   

    Just saw this, Im getting it installed and I'll see you there. 

  • Cheech   

    Thanks everybody who attended in the audience, big shout-out to The 5 Random Scrubs who actually beat Team DLive!

    Click here to watch the replay!

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