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Let’s build a Minecraft World for Pewdiepie!

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly, we’re going to create an amazing Minecraft world for Pewdiepie! Pewdiepie has been a significant part of all our lives by providing all of us a much-needed escape from our everyday lives via entertainment. It’s our turn to give back to him, especially when he’s *(finally)* engaged to Marzia! What better way to make this special is to give him and his fiancée some amazing and epic builds with a Pewdiepie theme in one of his favorite games, Minecraft!

The campaign will take place on a custom server which build teams will have their own areas to create something amazing for the following two weeks, with the end goal of making beautiful creations that we can share with Felix as a gift from both his community and the larger the Minecraft community.

The entire progress of the project will be streamed on DLive 24/7 for the entire two weeks, as well as replays that will be saved for the community to review and experience the journey of building amazing creations for Felix.


Do you want to create amazing builds for this Pewdiepie Minecraft World?

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/D3QcdfekP8Cc4eQz6.

Submit your previous Minecraft portfolio and team information to us for reviewing. Qualifying teams will be selected and invited to create their own plot. 5 players maximum per team. 

Stay connected with us on our project!

Discord: https://discord.gg/mDBCrpV

Be sure to thank these people for making this event possible:

Hosted by: https://discord.me/pewdie (https://discord.gg/aY5dnpZ)

Sponsor: https://dlive.tv


Good luck, and have a fantastic day!

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