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Treasure Chest Temporary Removal from DLive Web

Dear DLivers,

We are continuously making improvements to the site, rolling out new features, layouts, and designs. Our focus has always been and will continue to be on rewarding the community. However, due to exploitation and abuse, beginning Saturday, the 6th of April, the Treasure Chest will be temporarily removed from the website version of DLive while we’re working on implementing the new and improved Treasure Chest.

We understand the Treasure Chest is an important feature to the DLive community and are working hard on improving it by allowing channel owners to create a more interactive experience within their own channel while also making it more difficult for Chest abusers to exploit. In the meantime, for those that still enjoy the Treasure Chest feature, it will still be available on both mobile iOS and Android apps. The New Treasure Chest will return to web in approximately a month’s time.

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