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v0.8.1: Improved Video Experience and More!

DLive v0.8.1 Update Log

  • Video Format Support
  • Increased Video Size Limit
  • Full 720p HD Support
  • Hover Preview
  • Fanbase Bug Fixes

DLive version 0.8.1 marks a very important milestone for our Video Community. All new videos that are uploaded to DLive will be hosted and transcoded on our very own video service. We will be migrating the older videos from IPFS to our video service, no videos will be lost in this transition. With the implementation of our own video service you can expect a better service, with improved quality.

Video Format Support and Increased Size Limit

DLive v0.8.1 now supports video formats other than .mp4. The supported formats are: .mp4 (x265 not supported), .avi, .mov and .flv.

The size limit for video files has also been increased to 4GB.

Full 720p HD Support

HD 720p videos are now supported on DLive. You will be able to select the quality of the video in the player.

Hover Preview

We added a Hover Preview for videos as a user experience enhancement. The Hover feature will only work on newly uploaded videos. We hope everyone enjoys this feature.

Fanbase Bug Fixes

Fanbase is still in beta but we are excited to see people using the product. We have mentioned this in previous posts, but Fanbase will be fully integrated into DLive in the near future. We are encouraging people to create their Fanbase’s today and invite people!
Some of the bugs fixed in this update include:

  • Automatic scrolling to the latest message
  • Character limit increased to 500
  • Miscellaneous Fanbase bugs fixed

DLive Trello

Your feedback and suggestions matter to us, our Development Team wants to hear from you! To get involved in the future of DLive or even to have a view of what we are working on, visit the Trello site by clicking, here.

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